Mónika Vega

Department: Top 30 List 2023
Experience: Engagement & Equity Champion

Personal Information:

“Together, you and I hold the power to transform the world, igniting a ripple effect that touches countless lives, for even the smallest acts of change have the potential to create extraordinary impact.”

Mónika Vega, a latina professional from Los Angeles, CA, combines her passion for community empowerment, health equity and social justice with her work in communications, political organizing and public relations to activate change. She values authentic human relationships, integrity, creative problem solving and the dignity and worth of people. Mónika studied social work at Mount St. Mary’s University for her bachelors and Columbia University in New York, for her master’s degree and has worked in the fields of public health policy and communications.

Mónika’s leadership arose during her contributions to CA pilot programs that coordinated health, mental health and social services, in a patient-centered model, for vulnerable patients. She successfully convened and led county-based communications workgroups, collaborating with stakeholders serving Medi-Cal and Medicare populations. Forging lasting relationships with stakeholders, government leaders and diverse communities were integral to her success in public policy. In contributing to these programs, Mónika achieved a goal of creating greater access to whole person healthcare for Californians, including policies that would make a profound difference for the state’s most at-risk patient populations for the next 20 years. She is an award-winning equity and inclusion communications leader for her deep commitment to supporting the disability community.

Mónika mentors executive leaders and inner-city youth for university entrance.