Lupe Ochoa

Position: Board Member
Department: National

Personal Information:

Guadalupe “Lupe” Ochoa is a Treasury Analyst for UKG, with 15 plus years of experience in Treasury operations and cash management. During her business career she have worked with some incredible companies like BBVA, Bancomer and Wells Fargo to name a few.

The diversity and cultural environment of the companies made going to work very enjoyable. She was born in Los Angeles, California 3rd generation Mexican, and has a great passion for my Latin culture, the food, music, the traditions and of course, the people. Enjoys meeting individuals of different backgrounds as well as a good conversation with people of compatible interest. She is fluent in Spanish and English and in today’s society she is considered bi-cultural. Her hobbies are enjoying every little moment with family and friends.

Some of her personal goals are to travel to all the Mexican states and a few of the US states which she would like to check off from her bucket list.