Juan Paez-Romero

Department: National

Personal Information:

 Juan was born in Quito, Ecuador and came to the United States at the age of 5. He remembers a clear image of walking towards my father while grasping to my mother and sisters hands as we left the airport, a moment of new hopes and dreams was brought upon his family. Twenty-one years later he is proud to say as a family that they have been able to accomplish more than what they could have ever hoped for. Having two immigrant parents who are now business owners in the United States has shown his family that ANYTHING is possible through hard work and dedication. His sister Andrea Millard, who serves as a Sr. Advisor at Latina Professionals, has always been an inspiration. Having been the first in his family to graduate with a Bachelor’s his sister took it upon herself to complete her Bachelors and now recently completed her Master’s Degree. Juan’s family prides themselves on sharing a strong work ethic and are proud to be part of the “American Dream”.

Currently Juan is specialized as a Recruiter focusing in Accounting, Finance and Human Resource opportunities. His every day involves speaking to individuals who are looking for their next career move or a new chapter of their professional path. His conversations are not robotic, but rather start off as an introduction of who he is and the partnership/relationship that he is looking to build to help others. Within his current organization Juan is a member of the regional Diversity, Equity & Inclusion team which has given him a chance to reach out to all our partners within the organization who identify outside of what seems to be the norm, allowing them to have a voice and feel as if they are part of one large family regardless of color or race. 

In his personal life he is happy to share that he married his best friend, a back bone to his every day and his number one fan through all the challenges they have had to overcome together. They have two amazing four legged children Milo and Cooper who are very close and part of the family and quite spoiled!