Josué R. Sandigo 

Department: National

Personal Information:

“Amidst life’s challenges, I’ve found strength in embracing my roots and the boundless possibilities of the digital age.”

Dr. Josué R. Sandigo is always keeping busy. He has invested in numerous ventures, academic, and professional endeavors in an ongoing personal mission per the Jesuit motto to “be a man for others.”  As the principal for his consultancy group, The Sandigo Group which services small to medium sized business on technology initiatives, Josué dedicates to helping struggling companies, organizations, and people re-align and optimize their potential by providing time, advice, and technological resources to thrive.

Additionally, he serves as the Senior Director of Information Technology for SHPE, a non-profit member association whose mission and vision is to guide more Latinos to pursue the fields of STEM. As an immigrant of Nicaragua, he arrived in Los Angeles in the early 1980s fleeing a war-ravaged country to a foreign country that was filled with both adversity and opportunity.

Josué nevertheless adapted to his new environment and used whatever resources were available to him. It was this deficit model experience, coupled with his Jesuit education from both Loyola High School and Loyola Marymount University, that cemented his resolve to “always be better,” despite whatever setbacks, failures, and inequities prevented him from succeeding. His education went beyond lectures; Josué understood how communities became marginalized and believes how we all have a fiduciary duty to help all those in need, however we can.

Fascinated by the way of technology at an early age, Josué accessed computers through libraries, computer labs, and those of his friends to better understand technology as he never owned a computer until after college. Untimely he made it his profession and for the past 30 years worked in various public and private industries to advance technology in the field.

Josué decided to earn his Masters and Doctoral degrees in Communications Management and Organizational Change from the University of Southern California to form his trinity of “technological modeling;” whereas technology – communication – leadership all beset one another and can be used towards individual, organizational, and community success. He believes we all have the capacity to Fight On, no matter how difficult the circumstances.

As a proponent for digital equity and transformation, Josué looks to leverage technological access, resources, and instruction to provide our community with the ability to thrive in the age of the Internet. As the Internet, and all its independent components continue to exponentially develop, Josué seeks to equip the leaders of tomorrow today with the fundamental knowledge and application to join the greater online community as he believes that all Latinos are ambassadors of their culture and should go forth to share and celebrate with other communities. As an agent of change, Josué continues to pave the way so that all persons can be people for others.