Jenny Peña

Department: Top 30 List 2023
Experience: Associate Director, Pharmacy Technician

Personal Information:

“Find a way or make one”

My name is Jenny Pena, Associate Director, Pharmacy Technician for Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center where I oversee the Pharmacy Patient Advocacy Program. This group of team members supports patients with cancer diagnosis by removing any insurance or financial barriers they may face. I truly believe that being part of a patient’s journey is crucial to ensuring they can focus on their healing and care instead of the challenges that come from their health plans or out of pocket costs. As a daughter of immigrant parents who came from El Salvador, a career in healthcare has allowed me to give back to my community and a great way to honor my parents sacrifices and difficulties faced.

As a Pharmacy Technician for almost 20 years, I have had opportunities to be involved in several organizations and volunteer work with some of those being for Banner Unidos, Women at Banner, LGBTQIA+ & several others. I also am part of Women Investing in Science & Health which is a premier organization of women leaders providing philanthropic support to Banner Health and leading-edge educational programs using evidence-based research to promote and enhance women’s and families’ health and wellness. Additionally, as an advisory board member for the National Healthcareer Association, I have been able to submit articles that provide insight into how ethnic and racial disparities play a role in Cost-Related Nonadherence & how Technicians play key roles in our Health Systems. My passion for bringing awareness to socioeconomic factors allowed me the opportunity to sit with Senator Mark Kelly at a roundtable discussion regarding the high cost of prescription drugs and provide valuable insights into the impacts it makes on our Latino and Black communities.

I have been honored and blessed to be nominated for Technician of the Year by Pharmacy Times and Parata Systems in 2021 & recognized as one of Banner’s top 10% leaders based on annual voice results for 2020 & 2021. Every day is a new challenge and journey for me, but I embrace it with open arms and look forward to learning something new!