Bryant Galindo

Department: Top 30 List 2023
Experience: Founder, Mediator, Executive Coach

Personal Information:

“In embracing our adversity and celebrating our uniqueness, we discover our potential to revolutionize our world, one resolution at a time.”

Bryant Galindo, a proud first-generation Mexican-American, is a bilingual mediator, executive coach, and founder of CollabsHQ. Transformed by a near-death experience, Bryant found his purpose in mediating complex business disputes and helping executives nationally and worldwide become the best leaders possible.

He’s worked with institutions like the United Nations Institute on Training and Research and MUFG, and is currently working with USAID as an executive coach, partnering with executives in El Salvador in the areas of leadership communication, conflict resolution, and collaboration. His mediation work has also been recognized by The National Mediation Awards (a U.K.-based organization that celebrates domestic and international mediators) for his pioneering efforts in startup mediation.

Bryant holds an M.S. in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution from Columbia University, mediation training from Columbia Law, and is currently pursuing his ICF coaching certification. He’s also the author of “The New Middle: Connecting Heart and Mind to Collaboratively Disagree,” a book that champions the power of transformation to open our hearts and apply a discerning mind to create more collaborative disagreements in business and in life.

Humbled and grateful for his Latino upbringing (he spoke primarily Spanish at home), Bryant embodies the ethos of the American Dream, reminding others of the possibilities within their reach when they embody their truth and use it to make a difference.